Om Namah Shivay

Instrumental Interpretations of Devotional Music from North India

Matlub Hussain Khan - sitar
Gholam Sabir - sarangi
Naushad Ahmed - tabla
Emam - nylon string guitar & tabla

(1) Shri Ganesha Arti
(2) Hairakhandi Bol
(3) Ganga Ki Jai Jai
(4) Namah Shivai Namah Om
(5) Kaba Sumirega
(6) Daya Karo Ma (Part I)
(7) Daya Karo Ma (Part II)
(8) Hanuman Chalisa
(9) Hari Sharanam
(9) Pahari Song

Recorded April/1989 at Triveni Studios (New Delhi)
Additional recording & mix down at Big Ear Studios (Novato, CA)
Recorded and produced by Emam

Album notes written in 1989:
Om Namah Shivay!
In 1978 I had the blessing of meeting Babaji for the first time, this time around! Chanting and singing devotional songs were a major part of our life at his ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas.
The music presented here is an instrumental interpretation of some of the songs I learned over the past 12 years of Journeys to Hairakhan Vishwa Maha Dham, Babaji's ashram. Some of these melodies are based on traditional Indian songs, many of which are used by different spiritual groups around the world.
Special thanks to Sheila Devi who composed many of the songs popular in Hairakhan (such as 'Daya Karo Ma'). Her contribution to the music of Hairakhan has been enormous. My thanks, also, to Yogi Jalandar who helped me get a feeling for the music of the hills (Pahari).

Truly speaking, however the one responsible for all this is the one who inspires us to create and share our creations with each other, we call him Babaji. You might know him/her by a different name or form; the essence remains the same; the true teacher, the Sat-Guru.

When he is in a form, we loose ourselves in his presence.
After he has left his body, his presence seems to get stronger within us as we sing to him and remember him. Without devotion, life is meaningless. Music is a great expression of devotion.
In Truth, Simplicity, & Love,